For the first three years of my daughter's life, we hardly went to events with a lot of people. The reasons were:

1) She wouldn't remember it anyways (true). Why bother fight the crowds for nothing?!

2) Crowds were starting to cause me a lot of anxiety. The thought of losing her makes me want to die. (Not being dramatic at all.)

Last year, on New Years Eve, I took Grace to Telus Spark for their noon-years-eve countdown. I had extended the invite to a mom friend and her son but it was still very overwhelming. At around 11:45am, I made my way to the atrium and then stopped. There was no way I could take Grace down to the main area. We stood on the second floor and watched the count down from up there. It was still quite packed but nothing like the main area. When the countdown was about to start, the staff member kept saying "if you lose your grown up, go to the blue tent. Do not leave the building with someone other than the grown up you came with." This terrified me. Grace would have no means of telling someone my contact number. She would have rely on the good people around her to help or for me to eventually find her.

When I came home, I started brainstorming how she can have my contact number on her. I came up with the following ideas:

1) Teach her my number. This will take forever no doubt and will run the risk of it being wrong in the event of an emergency.

2) Write my number on her with a sharpie. She will hate this. I can't imagine doing this either. I don't want to "brand" or "mark" my kid.

3) Create a bracelet with my number on it and hope she doesn't lose it. (Might make her a necklace version eventually.) I went with this option because knowing my child, she likes pretty things. Here are the steps to the DIY:


Numbered beads

Accent beads

Stretchy elastic


1. Sort out your beads for efficiency. (I'm always in a rush.)


2. Measure your child's wrist and cut some stretchy elastic. I suggest more than you think you need.


3. Thread the beads through the elastic, and paying attention to the measurement of your child's wrist. You don't want this to be too snug or loose.


4. Optional: Add a second bracelet to make it pretty and more durable. Generally, it will be harder to break two bracelets at the same time.


What do you do to keep your emergency contact numbers with your child? I would love some suggestions!