Perfection. EVERYONE wants to be perfect or at least strives to be. Being perfect is like being the best. We grew up, or at least I did, striving to be perfect in the following ways:

  • CHILDHOOD - Strive to be a perfect child. To listen to my parents, follow the rules, and act appropriately when in public to not embarrass them.

  • SCHOOL - Strive to get perfect marks. a great report card, and scholarships for University.

  • WORK - Strive to be the perfect employee and team player. Do more than expected and don't gossip or complain about your peers or work.

After all these stages of life, I then come to PARENTHOOD. Obviously, I tried to strive for perfection. I want to be the perfect mom by educating my child with rich resources and materials, be a parent that does not yell and teach though logic and reasoning, make pinterest worthy bento boxes, make all meals from scratch with fresh and organic foods, dress my kid in adorable Instagram worthy outfits, play and make crafts together, have all the time in the world to sing and dance. This was my ideal mom role model.

It took me a couple of years but I finally realized she doesn't exist and if she does she lives with a unicorn on a rainbow cloud.

After I came to this realization, I knew I couldn't continue to strive to be this perfect (unattainable) mom. I was burning out fast. What I needed to do is to change my mindset. Rather than striving to be perfect, I am now striving to do my best. My personal best might be not even close to perfect but if I give it my all, it has to count for something. Some things I do better and some things I totally fail. I can't be great or even just good at everything. I tried to bake my daughter a cake and she called it a pie. It stung a little but it was my best effort.

In my view, we should all strive to do our best and not strive to be perfect. We are the best moms to our children if we just try our best!

Photo Credit: Pinterest