I was a little nervous to check up on the progress of my 2018 resolutions. Mostly, because I even forgot one of them and I only had three resolutions to start! Good grief! (Can you still have a mom brain after your child is born and is now 3.5 years old?!)

Here is a recap on how I did on my resolutions in the first four months of the year:


Well, thank goodness the resolution I forgot about was actually to do less. As I indicated in January when I made this resolution, these resolutions required a major mind shift for me. Doing less is not natural for me. I am always doing a little bit more and a little bit extra to make things a little bit more special. I am always trying to put in a 110% into everything and burning out fast.

Couple of months ago, my BFF (who is an accountant) said something to me which led to an “ah-ha” moment for me. She said: “There is no such thing as 110%. 100% is the entire pie. You can’t add more to a 100%.” Once she gave me this visual, I was able to put things in perspective and to not be “so extra” for everything. The following is an example.

Due to road conditions, we were not able to go to Lethbridge for Easter dinner. We had to host a (much smaller) Easter dinner at our home. Dessert after dinner is important to my in-laws and I really wanted to make something from scratch for them. However, I am VERY limited in my baking skills as evidenced here.

I was already stressed out about making Easter dinner last minute, having an empty fridge (because we thought we would be away for the long weekend), and having to go buy groceries on the long weekend. I could have pressed on and made an ok dessert but I figured whatever I made would be crap compared to pretty much anything I buy. I ended up buying a massive apple pie from Costco and some ice cream. It was perfect and really took some stress off of me. Mission accomplished and I didn't do the "extra."


This resolution started off strong with getting a massage two months in a row and then I fell off track and was aching all over. Then, I reminded myself that I don't have to do anything major for self care. The small things also matter and count. Whether this be eating fries in the car on my own (picture above) or walking through the Nickel Galleries during my lunch break.

The highlight of this resolution thus far was when I volunteered with a group of moms at Made by Momma. It was an incredible experience to be able to prepare food for fellow moms in need. I was able to cook a new recipe and meet new moms. I felt invigorated afterwards. The feeling made me realize how much energy you can gain from self-care and self-less acts. Definitely will try to volunteer on a regular basis as part of my self-care practice.



The last few months has been crazy for my partner and I at work. I was either out of town for work or he was working late. We were constantly trying to figure out "coverage" for our daughter and she spent some time with one or the other parent for a while. We weren't able to schedule any quality time together and even had to reschedule then cancel our anniversary celebration date.

One thing we started back up, was watching Survivor on Wednesdays and a movie one day a week. Rather than us being on our phones or laptop, we really tried to focus on the show and have a conversation during or after it. Baby steps but each step is a move forward.