With the weather in Calgary FINALLY starting to warm up, I thought it would be timely to share our Granary Road experience!

This was indeed a daytrip for us since we live in the very north end of Calgary. We were literally going from one end of Calgary to the other. When I heard about Granary Road, I was so excited! But I had to keep the excitement to myself because I wasn't quite ready to make the trip there. One random day, I showed Grace a couple of pictures friends posted on Instagram about their trip to Granary Road. From then on, all she could talk about was sliding down a frog's tongue. (This makes sense in a bit.)

Once we pulled into Granary Road, Grace was on her best behaviour EVER. I think she thought if she wasn't we would just turn around and head home. (um. no.)

I had previously looked up the admission prices but my partner hadn't. He was shocked by the prices (thought it was high) but once we entered the actual Active Learning Park his mind was blown, as was Grace's. You really couldn't tell how big the place was until you start walking the loop. We almost missed the petting zoo because it was off in another direction.

First stop was of course, sliding down the frog's tongue. Grace did this numerous times until we told her there is more to see. She wasn't sure about leaving but followed us along...


...after she kissed her frog. Thank goodness her prince didn't appear.


Next couple of stops consisted of massive everything:

1) Massive mushrooms. Grace looked like she had a good time at the time but at bedtime she asked me if I will protect her from giant mushrooms. Huh?!

2) Massive apple slide that almost gave me a heart attack.

3) Massive bee hive that she licked because she wondered if it would be sweet. Yuck.


Super glad we didn't miss the petting zoo! It was tucked in and up a small hill.


The ant farm was a little "ew" for me but she loved it and played extremely well with the other kids. Amazing how kids bond over huge ant eggs. Ew.


We made it almost to the end of the loop before Grace got really tired and asked to be held back to the building. It was super hot that day and it more than expected walking for us.


In summary, I think a trip to Granary Road is definitely worth it. Lots of fun and lots of learning opportunities too. Lots to look at and eat in the (high end) farmer's market too. We finished the trip with ice cream! If we lived in the south end of Calgary, we would probably go more often too.

Tip to anyone wanting to go: I suggest if you have a wagon to bring one. It would really help conserve the energy of the little ones and the older ones from lugging everything on their back (me.)