To be perfectly honest, I haven't traveled very much or very far since having my daughter. The thought of traveling with her (even if she is an angel 95% of the time) gives me a ton of anxiety. I'm constantly worried about how she will adjust and how we can possibly affect others when we travel. Until I figure out how to best travel with her on a plane, we will be sticking with road trips for a while.

Once I figure out the destination for the road trip, the next step is to find accommodations. We tried staying in hotels before but staying in one hotel room just didn't work for us. It was either all lights out by 8:00pm or my daughter sleeps way past her bedtime. Neither were good options or fun on vacation.

We have found staying in Airbnb places to be the best fit for us. (This is not a sponsored post.) It feels the most like home for us because of how we chose our accommodations. Here are my tips:


My daughter goes down for bed between 7:30-8:00pm every night. She likes to have baths over showers. She likes to twirl around a lot in a princess dress. Sounds random but these daily routines will help determine the minimum requirements an accommodation must have for you.


Based on the home routines we have, I know I need at least two bedrooms, a bathroom with a tub, and very minimal decor or furniture. You are not limited to the four walls in a hotel. You can chose what works for your family and maybe even go larger! (It is a vacation afterall.)


Figure out what you want to do at your destination and map it out. Location matters. You have to determine whether you want to drive or travel each time to these places or if it is better to stay closer. If you will be taking public transportation primarily, you will want to consider transit as well. Figure out what you want to do and how it will be easiest to do all of them from where you are staying.


Figure out what stresses you out when on vacation. Is it bored kids? No good coffee shops around? Picky eaters? For us, it is the last one. The only food my daughter eats willingly is Chinese food. When we went to Vancouver last summer, even though all the things we wanted to do was in Vancouver, we opted to stay in Richmond because of all the Chinese food around us. We rather drive further and in traffic than fight with her eating.


Generally, when booking through Airbnb, you get more bang for your buck. You can really be comfortable or save money on accommodations for other parts of your vacation. Regardless of which route you decide to go, you still want to set some sort of budget or else you will be looking for a place forever.

Last tips, when researching places, don't be afraid to enter in different dates. Traveling on different days will also save you money. Staying a full week might also provide you with a discount. If you only want to stay for 5 days, it might still be worth it to book 7 days and stay only 5. Don't rule out a place because of their bad cover picture. You will never know why they chose the picture they did. Shrug.

What tips do you have for booking an Airbnb? I would love to hear them!