We never stop. As women we are always on the go, cooking, cleaning, working, doing. We forget that taking care of others includes taking care of ourselves. Our own guilt plays a role in how much we do and how little we stop to think about us. We feel guilty about relaxing, letting others down and having to tell others no. Guilt prevents us from realizing that self-care is not selfish, self-care is self-love.

Here are three ways to work through your guilt and start resetting:

1. Ask yourself "what about self-care makes me feel guilty?" Now, write down your thoughts and any emotions that are triggered by your answers.

2. Take the answers you came up with and try to change each thought to something slightly more positive. Slowly, keep transforming each one until you are able to understand that maybe some self-care is important for your happiness and for your ability to be there for others.

3. Use your transformed thoughts and start making small changes to put yourself first every day. Little things such as eating, sleeping, bathing and brushing your teeth all count. Try a simple self-care routine to increase your happiness and confidence.

Self-care is necessary. We can not expect our minds, bodies, and souls to keep functioning if we do not take a moment to unplug. In a world of instant gratification in which everything is at our fingertips, we need a moment to stop and just relax. Imagine if you would reset and took a moment every day to practice a self-care routine?

Our guest blogger, Stephanie Moir is a wife, mom, therapist and dog mom to her black lab, Bruce Lee. Stephanie has a passion for empowering women, helping them regain happiness and confidence during their therapy sessions. Afer the traumatic delivery of her son, she found the most happiness in taking some time for herself. She decided with her newly found insight, that she could help other women regain happiness and confidence too.I Care Crate, her self-care subscription box was born to make it easy for women to take a much-needed self-care break, regain happiness and confidence.