Yes, I know how it feels when you have a million of things to remember and you lay awake at night thinking about EVERYTHING. Your mind is constantly going and it is so hard to slow it down or even to shut it down.

I found when my mind is cluttered, I am more irritable, harder to focus on the task at hand, dwelling on the wrong things, and generally less happy or likely to smile. Mental clutter is harder on me than physical clutter in my home. It is almost like I am too busy to even smile. Sucks right?!

It took me a while to figure out what to do about all this mental clutter. Here is what works for me:


Seriously, have a massive brain dump. Write everything down and don't worry if they are not in order or be ashamed of what you are writing. Once you have everything down on paper (or electronically) you can then decide what you want to do with it. The whole point is to get it down somewhere so it can be referenced at a later time. You don't want things/issues/tasks to keep occupying space in your brain. You don't want to keep holding on (or remembering) in case you forget. Now it is in a place other than your brain, you don't have to worry about losing it.


If a task has been bugging you for a while, just take action and get it done. Obviously, this task is important to you if you keep thinking about it. If it wasn't important, you likely would have forgotten about it. On a personal note, I finally bought new frying pans this past weekend so I can stop being annoyed at the old ones and reminding myself to buy new ones. Huge win for me, not so much for the old frying pans.


We all carry a certain amount of baggage and regret. Really give some thought into these things and how it affects you right now. Once you put it in perspective of where you are now, it might not have a profound effect on you anymore. You can let it go, accept it is part of your past, and move into the future. Allow yourself to let history be part of history.


This one was a hard one for me but honestly had the biggest impact. Toxic people will come into your life regardless. If they are acquaintances or coworkers, you can easily stop engaging in them or avoid them. But if these are friends or people that have been in your life for a while, it is not as easy. Couple of years ago, I let go of two close friends that I have known for a long time. They were both great people but I found myself stressing days before meeting either one of them and coming home completely drained. The two friendships I had did not have a positive impact on me and I felt it might be time to let them both out of my life.


We all think about things that we want to do or dream to do. If there are things you want to do in the future or for your career, it might be time to really put some thought into evaluating these things. Whether they are something that you want to proceed, it is the right time to proceed, and the outcome will be positive for you. Turning thoughts or dreams into action is another way to clear some mental clutter.

What are some tips you have to clear your mind clutter? I would love to hear them!

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