A couple of months ago, I had the opportunity to have a staycation with my daughter for six days because her dayhome was closed for a month. My partner and I had to alternate weeks to watch her so this was truly our only mommy and Gracie time together since...maternity leave. (Which she doesn't remember at all!)

Although it was only six days, I wanted to make every day count and found activities to do with her every day. Every day was a mix of something exciting and less exciting (like going to buy groceries.) I did a lot of research before deciding on what to do for these six days. Some things I factored in were: her interest level; traveling time; and entry costs.

Places that we didn't go to this week (because we are members at most) but we love too:

  • Telus Spark

  • Cobb's Corn Maze

  • Granary Road

  • Flying Squirrel

  • Hide and Seek

  • Bow Habitat Fish Sanctary

Here are some of the places we went to for our staycation and would recommend.

CALGARY PUBLIC LIBRARIES - My daughter loves to read so it is natural that her favorite place to hang out at is the library! We have been to all the libraries around our home so for our staycation, we ventured to the other side of town! We went to the Signal Hill Library and loved the construction theme they had. Grace even found a little reading nook and sat there on her own for a while!


BUTTERFIELD ACRES - Oh my gosh! I had no idea about this place until I started researching places to take her to. This place was about 15 minutes away from our house and she had a blast. She was telling everyone for days that she milked a goat, pet a rabbit, hugged a lamb, and rode a pony. Although it was super hot that day and stepped in a lot of poop, Butterfield Acres was definitely the highlight of our staycation for her and me!


VIVO - She really wanted to play in water but the splash parks outside weren't open yet and she doesn't really know how to swim yet. (Despite what she says.) When we went to Butterfield Acres, we poked our head into the new Shane Homes YMCA at Rocky Ridge. Their facilities were wonderful but timing wasn't great for us. We only been the VIVO once to swim so I thought it is a good time to revisit it. She liked it because the water was warm but I found it a little expensive at $20 for just over an hour for both of us.


CALGARY ZOO - We are members here but we had to go this week because the pandas arrived! I was invited by the zoo to attend a private viewing of the pandas. Even though it was going to interfere with her nap time, we had to go beat the crowds. We took our time looking at the pandas because she has never seen any before. I saw them the last time they came in 1988 and was still amazed! One thing that Grace said that made me laugh out loud was: "Why do they eat so much? They haven't stopped at all."


STUDIO BELL - We went to Studio Bell for the first time when they were running a promotion for $10 per person on Sundays. It was a very different experience for her but in the end she enjoyed it. She was able to learn about different instruments and even try some of them. Her favorite part was the organ demonstration!


What are some of your favorite places to explore in YYC? We are always looking for suggestions and new places to see! Please leave me a comment!