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Beauty of this project is the amount of crap you can reuse to make it when stuck indoors for long periods of time. (Think cold winters, sick days, etc.) 

This project started off with a paper tube I had in my office for months. I didn't know what to do with it and couldn't bear to recycle it. (FYI- I have a huge issue with getting rid of perfectly great boxes and cardboard. Much like the box I used to make Grace's 3D coloring playhouse.)

My coworker asked me about my paper tubes and suggested I make a rain stick! By golly, what a great idea! I bought the paper tube home that same day. I was super excited about this project but Grace was more excited about the tube and wanted to color it first. Of course, I said yes. (Mom tip: if you do a DIY in stages, you can get more fun out of it.)

Next, I needed to fill the inside of the tube with coiled tin foil. I grabbed huge pieces of tin foil and crinkled them into long sticks. Grace said they were snakes, so we played snakes for a bit too. 


A paper tube (Optional: color it first) 

2 tin foiled snakes (a mama and baby, of course) 

2 balloons

beans or rice

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1) Cut the top of the balloons and stretch them over one end of the tube. 

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2) Secure it with duct tape. 

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3) If you freak out (like me) about everything falling out and making a mess, tape the entire end. (Totally optional and unnecessary step.)

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4) Coil your tin foil strips to slow down the beans/rice you will be pouring it. (Also, makes for cooler sounds too.) Put the tin foil and beans/rice into tube. You can enlist the help of your child at this point. Make sure you use a funnel!

5) Secure the other end following steps 2 and 3. Decorate again it if you wish. (We did. Refer to first picture.) That's it!

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