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It is always easier to stay home than to go out, but you should still go out once in a while. 

It's not that I have been in a rut. Actually, I just have been super comfortable staying at home and not going out. I have created a routine for my family and the thought of disrupting any of that at any time gives me a lot of anxiety. I know I shouldn't be following a routine or a timeline to the tee but honestly, that is what helped me cope with my anxiety in the first place - knowing exactly what to expect and when. It is just easier to stay home for me. 

Going out involves planning and coordinating with other people. If an event is held on multiple days, it will take me forever to decide on a date. Once that is figured out, I worry about how my routine is "messed up" or how my spouse and daughter is doing on their own. (It seems like they always have a great time without me.) I also worry about how far an event is and how long it might take me to get there. (I always manage to get lost or take the wrong turn.) Once I get there, I worry about social and talking to people. Writing all this out makes me want to crawl into bed right now. 

Not a lot of people know that I have this struggle with going out. They just assume I am busy or tired from being busy. Little do they know, I just don't want to go out because it is too damn hard to go out. As such, as of late, I have been a crappy friend and family member. 

I have also been a crappy so-called "influencer/blogger" too. I get invited to events quite often but you never see my face because of all the reason stated previously. Then one event changed things a little for me.

I got invited to a Calgary Fall Home Show pre-party hosted by Burwood Distillery last week. The invite they sent to me indicated a date during the week (doesn't mess with my family time on the weekend), a two hour time period (right after my daughter's dinner and before her bedtime), and was an eight minute drive from my house. Pretty hard to say no too. My only hesitation was going alone. I told my BFF this and she offered to go with me. She said she will just go with me and be my rock. (FYI - She is not an influencer and the only form of social media she has is: email.) She had nothing to gain from this event but said I did. She wanted to encourage me to go out again. 

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Guess what? I went out and actually enjoyed the event. I mingled a little and left a bit early but it was still a huge win for me. I am by no means saying there is something wrong with wanting to stay home. For me, I was starting to get too comfortable at home and too nervous to go out. 

Anyone wishing to meet up with me, please be patient with me. I would love to see you too but it will just take me a bit of courage to finally do it. (It will really help me out if you make all the decisions too.) 

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