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I am a newbie at self-care. I was never good at taking care of myself because my inner voice always told me that doing things for myself is vain, frivolous, and a waste of money. I should be doing something productive, better yet, something that yields a financial gain. After having my daughter, I found myself more burnt out than ever. Not only did I have much less time now, but I wasn't able to do all the "productive things I should do" when I got a chance to rest. Everyone around me (especially fellow moms) tried to explain to me the importance of self-care. I started to see and feel how much better after I take care of myself. I became a believer of self-care, but I had no idea where to start. Sometimes, I would forget all together and get burnt out. 

Subscription boxes are great reminders, plus an awesome surprise from time to time. I have gotten other subscription boxes in the past but the self care subscription box, I Care Crate, really interested me. This is a fairly new subscription box created by Stephanie, a self-care coach. 

The subscription box I received was the Summer Loving box. When I opened it, cheered up immediately without even seeing the contents! It had bright yellow confetti and a postcard that said "Hello Sunshine!" 

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Under the first layer of confetti was a brochure about positive self-talk.. It explained the way we speak about ourselves impacts the choices we made and the relationships we have. It goes on to explain how I can change my self-talk. This was exactly what I needed to hear and learn before I can fully enjoy my self-care subscription box!!

This subscription included five products: 

  • Coconut Bath Bomb

  • Golden Sands Candle

  • Pina Colada Tea

  • Strawberry Sands Face Mask

  • Sunshine on my mind notebook

I really enjoyed the products that were included as I could use them at different times and not all at once. I was able to light the candle and enjoy a bath. Light the candle and enjoy a cup of tea. Have a face mask while I was watching tv. The possibilities are truly endless! 

If you are in need of some self-care reminders and help, I strongly suggest subscribing to I Care Crate too!

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