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Previously, I thought I found the perfect art storage solution by making a massive boxto store all of my daughter's many masterpieces. It was a less than perfect solution when I had another whole years worth of masterpieces. Another downfall was she wasn't able to look at her artwork because they were always in storage and I wasn't going to dig them out and have them scattered all over the living room in all it's glittering glory. 

Since one of my resolutions for this year is to do less and not more, I decided to get back to basics for this DIY. The easiest storage solution and allows her to view her artwork was simply to put it in a binder with sheet protectors. Stupid easy solution, right? You can seriously do this DIY in 15 minutes if you have kept all the artwork in one place and is ruthless with the selection process. 


2.5" or 3" binder

Sheet protectors


1)  Gather all your child's artwork. (I kept a year's worth in a box and they were separated them by month. I know I am a little crazy that way.)

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2) Put them in sheet protectors and date them if you wish.

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3) Optional - have your child decorate the cover page. Mine wasn't interested at the time. Shrug.  

What do you do with your child's artwork? Do you keep them too? How do you store them? I might need a new solution yet again next year! 

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