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Super late with this post because I had hoped to get more done on this project before posting. Oops.

Late last year, we were very lucky to have been gifted this well-loved playhouse. It was previously loved by our friend's kids for 7-8 years. It was a cedar playhouse originally purchased from Costco and looked like this

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Super cute right? My daughter would have been fine playing in it as is but of course I though a coat of paint would freshen it up a bit. Originally, I wanted to paint it all white with some light grey trim. Then I thought I should ask the other two members of the household on what colors they thought. The responses I got were: 

My daughter: Orange is my favorite color!! (Yeah, favorite color this week. I thought to myself!) 

My spouse: Just use whatever leftover paints we have. (Whatever.) 

I tried to respect their opinions and decided on buying some orange paint and using some white and dark grey paint we had leftover. I had to paint two coats of every color to give it full coverage. When it dried, I wanted to cry because the "orange" paint was more like school bus "yellow." My spouse said it was fine but I cried my way to get new paint. When I got to Home Depot, my eyes were puffy when I asked for orange paint. The girl working the paint desk asked me what kind of orange. I answered "Home Depot Orange." She answered very cheerfully, that is the best orange! 

I went home and painted another two coats of orange and was done. The playhouse was done and I was also done. I didn't have the energy to tackle the interior but that will be another project of its own. The end result, my daughter loves this house and has started decorating it to her taste. Anything in the house, she asks to take it for her house. When we are out, she asks to buy things for her house! Super happy with the playhouse and the positive feedback I am getting from her! 

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