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Imagine this, you are stuck inside for whatever reason and your child is no longer interested in playing with ANY of her toys. You can either: 

1) Grab a new toy out of your surprise bin. (Every parent should have a bin of new toys or things it can bring out in a pinch aka boredom or random birthday party invite. It is a life saver.)

2) Pop in a movie and watch Frozen for the 150th time. 

3) Make something new to play with. 

Obviously, I am more prone to creating something new for my daughter. She is also more prone to ask me to make random things because she knows I will try. (Doesn't always work out but she is also very forgiving.) Most of the time, it works out because I have a ton of craft supplies leftover when I was a wedding designer/decorator. If you don't have a craft closet like mine, here are some supplies you will want to stock up so you have create something when your child asks


Paper - Lots of different sizes, colors, and prints. A pad of construction paper or scrap paper will get you ahead of the game. Your child can draw, fold, and create with these! 

Felt sheets - You can get these at the dollar store, fabric store, or Walmart. Great for projects that need a little bit of give. (Refer to the sleeping bags in the image above!) 

Pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, and straws - all of these things can form a foundation of a house, tent, boat, helicopter! 

Decorating items (googly eyes, stickers, pompoms, stick on gems,etc)  - everything needed to complete the craft and make it pretty and cute!  


Scissors - One great pair of scissors and if you think you will be cutting fabric or felt a lot, get a great pair of fabric scissors too. Trust me, they don't cut the same. 

Tape - Lots of different kinds of tape. Scotch, masking, painters, duct, washi tape, etc. My daughter thinks I can fix anything...with tape. Totally true. 

Glue - White, clear, hot glue, heavy duty, glue sticks, glue with glitter, etc. Stock up right during Back to School season. If you can't fix it with tape, you might be able to with glue!! 

Cutting mat - You can get away with cutting on cardboard or something else but having a cutting mat will save your table surfaces.