Last year’s resolutions made things definitely interesting, by doing less and not more, focusing on self care on a regular basis, and making personal relationships a priority, exciting things came my way. This year, my focus will be on things that needed to be a priority for a while but was neglected because they are plain difficult to tackle.


I definitely have a couple of pounds that need to be lost according to my doctor but losing weight isn’t my focus this year. Paying attention to my body when it needs rest; taking care of it with physical activity to keep it strong and allow me to keep up with my growing daughter, and fueling it with nourishing food is my focus. I tried really hard to set a SMART goal with this resolution but I realized I can’t measure it with a metric. For me, if I set a metric to this resolution, it will take my focus off of listening to my body and trusting my intuition. (Sounds deep but I know how I operate.)


Last September, my daughter started attending Chinese school every Saturday morning for three hours, just like I did. She hated it and cried for 10 weeks straight right before class or the night before. It was an awful experience for both of us. To be fair, I knew she would hate it because I too, hated it for a long time and cried before class too. However, I knew she was facing an even more uphill battle than me. We didn’t speak Cantonese to her at home and when she went to school, she had no idea what everyone was saying. Because I spoke Cantonese fluently, I knew I had to prepare her more before each class. The first thing I did was speak to her Chinese school teacher and asked if she can translate the class in English for her. I told her that I understand she is there to learn Cantonese but she isn’t going to learn anything if she doesn’t understand. Every week, I taught her the words that she was going to learn the upcoming week. I wanted her to be familiar with the sounds. We also sang Cantonese songs together and practiced writing words on our own. All this work helped her gain confidence at school and I was able to see a huge change in her. This upcoming year, I hope to continue to help her with her Cantonese skills and grow her Cantonese speaking skills.


While plastic is certainly convenient, it really isn’t great for the environment. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone because there are tons of documentaries and stories on Facebook sharing sea animals being tangled up or having consumed plastic. For the last couple of years, my spouse and I would not buy certain foods if it was wrapped in plastic or on a styrofoam tray, bring our own bags, and put leftovers in glass containers or wrap them with beeswax food wrap. This year, I feel like I need to do more than that. I still have to do more research on what I can do but at the very least, I hope to bring my own container if I can buying lunch; use reusable straws especially for my daughter; and buy more things in bulk where I can use my own containers. If anyone has ideas or links to information, please send them my way!

I will be tracking my progress through my Instagram account @wishahmon and sharing what I have learned throughout the year in blog posts. If there is an interest in a certain area (like teaching your child a second language), I might be sharing some tips to other moms too. Keep an eye out for those too!

What are some of your resolutions this year? How would you like to live a better life than the last?