I think the most common misconception of anti-aging products is when to start using them. Often I hear people say they don’t need anti-aging products because they don’t have wrinkles yet. I try to explain to them the best time to start using these products is before there are any signs of aging.

Wrinkles and lines are not the only signs of aging. Other common signs of aging include: dark spots, sagging skin, dull looking skin; dry skin; patchy skin; and enlarged and open pores. (Total bummer I know.) Aging doesn’t happen overnight and we cannot expect any product to reverse the effects. If there is a product that can reverse the effects overnight, I would love to know the name of such product and where it can be purchased!

There are some natural lifestyle changes you can make to slow down the effects, such as avoiding sunlight, wearing sunscreen, drinking lots of water, and getting lots of sleep. However, if you want more effective results for anti-aging, you will want to invest in some anti-aging products sooner rather than later.

I started using anti-aging products in my early 20’s, and I regret not using them earlier. One of my girlfriends told me she started using an eye cream when she was 16 years old! Her skin is still flawless at 40! Over the past years, I have used a lot of different anti-aging products with a variety of ingredients. One ingredient that has always been on my mind was collagen. Years ago, I heard about products with collagen from Japan but I wasn’t able to get my hands on them. I even considered consuming collagen in pill form because I know the importance of this ingredient.

Not sure what collagen is? Remember how firm and plump your face and skin looked when you were young? This was all thanks to collagen and elastin, which provide structure for your face. Once the production of these compounds begins to slow in our late 20s, you skin looks less tight and begins to sag.

Imagine my excitement when I was introduced to Meriance Collagene. Their products have the highest number and highest concentration of anti-aging molecules in each bottle AND it is made in Canada. (My home country!)

According to their website, Meriance bio-active collagen derived from marine origin replenishes the skin with properties that enhance the supply of collagen fibers. Meriance collagen is not modified or synthesized! It regenerates the connective tissues that support the skin’s structure. This ingredient helps to deeply hydrate mature and dry skin in order to maintain healthy and resilient cells.

I was provided the Full Anti-Aging Skin Care Kit, which includes a rejuvanating serum, native collagen serum, anti-aging collagen cream, night repair cream, and eye contour cream. (This kit is slightly different online as they now have a hydrogel cleanser with it.)

Because my kit didn’t come with a cleanser, I used a deep cleansing wash I had first and skipped my toner. I wanted to clean out my pores really well to help the products absorb. I didn’t use the toner because I didn’t know how the products would react to each other. Next I used one of the serums, the eye contour cream, and night repair cream. The products were lightweight, not greasy, and really easy to apply. They also did not have any fragrance which is absolutely wonderful for me.

The next morning, my face looked and felt more hydrated and plump. (Some of the products I have used in the past, I would wake up with either dry or oily skin.) I didn’t notice any effects with my eyes but I also didn’t expect instant results from an eye cream.

In conclusion, I really liked these products for the following reasons:

  • There is a wide range of products for different aging concerns and products for a complete skin care routine (cleanser, toner, serum, and moisturizer.)

  • There are products that can be used to complement the skin care routine, such as a purifying masque, repair masque, enzyme micro scrub, blueberry enzyme peel, and ultra-c sunscreen.

  • The products I used were easy to apply and did not feel greasy when applying, on my face during the day, and after I woke up.

  • The price point of the products many appear to be expensive but I found them comparable to my existing products. Factoring the active ingredients in them, I think it is relatively a good price for this quality of product.

  • It is made in Canada. While I tend to buy products worldwide, it is so nice to find a great product close to home.

If you are interested in these products, you can check them out at Meriance Collagene. If you would like to try the products for yourself, use the coupon code: WISHAHMON50, to get $50 off your first order over $75.