BEST OF 2018


I almost forgot to do my yearly recap! In past years, I loved doing these because it gives me an opportunity to look back at the year I had and be truly grateful for all the wonderful things that happened! Here are this year’s highlights!


I started off the year sharing a lot of DIY projects I did and then realized I really didn’t enjoy the projects afterwards. Unless the project started off with a specific useful purpose, I found they just ended up cluttering my house and I started to hate them. What a rollercoaster huh? I loved making the projects but hated storing them afterwards! Because my DIY projects was creating clutter (and anxiety) in my life, I decided the easiest solution was to do less of them. My focus turned to minimalism and that in turned helped me be more productive. Super happy with how my life (and this blog) evolved!


My age was always a number to me and most of the time I forgot how old I really was. (Maybe I am young at heart? Maybe I am really getting old?) This birthday was important to me because I was able to finally change my mindset and finally forgive myself.


For the last 2-3 years I knew I needed a new website. My old website wasn’t serving me well because no one was able to find me. (SEO issue?!) I didn’t make the change because it is just so much work. Then in August, I got a notification to renew my website and I said I wasn’t going to wait another year. I am going to make the switch in three weeks. Luckily, this was done in the timeframe and I am in love with my website again!


This year, I was contacted and able to work with some wonderful companies. I am truly thankful and look forward to more collaborations in the upcoming year. Some of the collaborations were:


Back in October, I posted a picture of my daughter helping me take dishes out of the dishwasher and got some hurtful comments. Luckily for me, I got even more words of encouragement and support. As a result of this one post, I made some new friends. I am thankful for them for speaking up for me, and sharing their words of encouragement. It was exactly what I needed to lift me back up.

If 2019 is similar to the great year I had this year, I am thrilled and looking forward to it!