Believe it or not there are several times of the year when it is the best time to de-clutter and do some deep cleaning at home. Not sure if you believe me? Remember the last time, out of the blue, you started to clean your house?! Something might have triggered you like the house was in a mess, or your kids didn’t tidy up when you told them to, or you were just tired of moving a ton of stuff to get to the thing you actually need, or you just had this “cleaning” energy at that time. (You can call this energy whatever you want.)

Well, this cleaning energy is upon us for the last time this year, right before Christmas. Yes, I know it sounds crazy because Christmas time is already super busy and nobody wants to add another task before the holidays. But I can honestly say, you will not even realize you are doing it and it totally makes sense for the following reasons:

  • You are already digging out your Christmas stuff out of storage, so you might as well look at all the stuff you haven’t used in the past year and get rid of them.

  • You will be getting a ton of new stuff for Christmas, so you might as well make some room for it.

  • You will be hosting company over the holidays and you will likely want your place to look good everywhere.

If you find yourself in this cleaning energy, here are my suggestions on what to do:

  • When you are looking for something like holiday decorations and you find something you don’t need or want anymore, put it in a box to donate.

  • Once you start taking some stuff out and have some space in the area, take some time to organize the area too. When you put stuff back, it will be easier to maintain the organization.

  • Take stuff out of the house immediately. If it is to donate, put it in your car. If it is garbage or recycling, get those into the outside bins asap. The longer it stays in the house, it is just going to be put back in it’s original location.

By the time Christmas is over, your house will be semi or very clean and organized or at least it will have space for all the new things coming in. Either way, you and your house will feel better in the upcoming year. Who wouldn’t want that to start off the new year?!