I absolutely love Christmas time because I love buying presents for all the people I love. I really like to shop for others because giving gifts is my love language. That said, I tend to shop really early, forget that I have already bought gifts for a specific person, and overspend. When my daughter started attending a dayhome and making more friends, I had more people to shop for. I was delighted with the opportunities to buy more gifts but I knew I had to be smarter with my shopping. Christmas time is to show love and not to go into debt!

One of my best tips on saving money on gifts during the Christmas season is to save up all the points on your credit cards and only use points to buy Christmas gifts at the end of the year. Initially, this will take some research on the best credit card to save points on. You might want to see which card will give you the maximum points or you might want to save up points at stores you will shop at. Once you have decided on one or two credit cards, it will take a lot of discipline not to use any of the points for the entire year. You can however use the points earlier in the year if you buy a Christmas present for someone and stash it until the end of year. Paying attention to sales and ways to maximize your points is really smart spending (of points!) One disclaimer, you will likely not be able to buy all your Christmas gifts with your points but it will really help with the spending.

Buying in bulk is another great way to save on Christmas gifts especially if you have a lot of gifts to give out and the age of the recipients are very close together. Boxes or art supplies are great for multiple gifts. Closer to Christmas is when you will find book collections or gift packs sold at a lower price than if you bought them separately. One bulk purchase can equal several Christmas gifts.

BOGO (Buy one, get one) sales really stretches your money further. Depending on the sale, buy one get one free will give you the biggest bang for your buck, you can buy the same item and give them to two different people. If the sale is less than that, you can still buy two items for less money.

Christmas time is the prime time to buy items that have a gift with purchase. Some of the gift with purchases are really good too, good enough to form as part of another gift. Some of the best gift with purchases I’ve seen are for craft supplies and beauty products!

My last tip for a cost effective Christmas gifts are buying limited edition and/or value sets. Some products only come out during Christmas time and they give you a lot more value than what the same items cost throughout the year. By buying these limited edition gifts, you are passing on the good value to your gift recipient.

What are some of your money saving tips when it comes to buying Christmas gifts? I would love to hear them because I love shopping, buying gifts, and saving money!