Valentine’s Day celebrations have been drastically different before and after becoming parents. Prior to becoming parents, celebrations would romantic and well thought out. We would either go out for dinner or make each other dinner/dessert. There would be a real focus on showing each other that they are loved. After becoming parents, there is still some effort but I would say there is less focus on making it an incredible night of romance. Our main focus is on our child that has no idea it is Valentine’s Day. Our secondary focus is on staying awake long enough after she goes to bed to have some sort of celebration.

If you are able to find a babysitter on Valentine’s Day that allows you and your spouse to celebrate outside of the house like you did before becoming parents. Kudos to you. I’m jealous. This blog post is not for you. This blog post is for similar parents like me that would like to celebrate Valentine’s Day but still have parental obligations that day/night.

Because relationships take work, I have done some research on date night ideas for parents that require little money, not leaving the house, and spending time with your significant other. Here are some of the date night ideas I found:

  • Eat dinner but with the good china, candlelight, and dress up for it. If you have the time or plan on ordering in, get a multi-course meal to make it extra special.

  • If you enjoy the outdoors, go outside (in the backyard) and cozy up together with some hot chocolate or wine. If you have a firepit, make a fire and roast marshmallows too!

  • Re-watch an old favorite movie at home with popcorn. If you are feeling frisky, watch the movie naked. (Maybe make sure the kids are really asleep before you do this!)

  • If you are both crafty, draw each other’s portraits or do a craft project together. One time, I asked my spouse to do a paint night with me. We ended up painting our daughter’s cardboard playhouse together.

  • Work on a DIY or LEGO project together. It is always “fun” to create something and enjoy it together after.

  • Play a board game, card game, or break out the old console you used to play back in the day. For us, it is the original Nintendo system and the “newer” Wii. We get pretty competitive playing tennis.

  • Play with your kids toys. Let’s be honest, some of the toys we bought for our “kids” is actually for us. They had no idea they needed all the houses and modes of transportation that Peppa Pig has or Landrover Defender.

  • Work on something for your children. This could be planning for their future or putting together a toy that has a hundred different pieces and no instruction manual because your child “lost it.”

  • Learn a new skill together or a new dish (hello youtube!) You can start the learning process on your special Valentine’s Day date night and continue learning throughout the year!

  • If your spouse is up for chatting, sit down and go down memory lane together from the time you two met. This can get interesting if you two remember things slightly different.

What do you think of these ideas? Any you like and might try? If you have other ideas, please send them my way too!