Declutter summer

Sure, summer is a great time to relax but for me, it is also a great way to do some decluttering and cleaning around the house. I never really get around to spring cleaning because often where I live, there is still snow on the ground and often it seems to be the busiest time of the year. Summer has become a great time for me to declutter because this is when I am switching the house (and my mind) over from the cold to warm season. During the switch-over, I usually uncover things that I didn’t use for the past six months, didn’t know why I kept in the first place, and didn’t need anymore. Here is my list of things to declutter during summer:

FALL AND WINTER CLOTHES - If you go through the process of switching out your wardrobe depending on seasons, you will know what clothes you didn’t wear or touch during fall and winter. Rather than packing them away for the summer, it is a good time to donate them.

SUMMER CLOTHES - During the summer, you will find clothes that doesn’t fit quite right because the bikini body you were hoping didn’t come in time. You might even find yourself heading out to replace certain items, this is also a good time to donate the clothes that don’t quite fit.

BROKEN OUTDOOR TOYS - As you are digging out the outdoor toys and inflatable pools, you will quickly notice the items that really didn’t make it through the season and got broken. This is the time to throw these away for potential safety reasons.

THINGS YOUR KIDS DIDN’T PLAY WITH FOR MONTHS - Either get your kids involved in throwing these out or you should go through their toys and donate any that haven’t been played for a long time. Summer is when they will likely be playing outside and won’t remember what toys they have inside. If you don’t go through them now, they will sit un-played for a couple more months and then more toys will come into your house at Christmas.

YOUR CHILDREN’S SCHOOL WORK OR ART WORK - Either file, store, or recycle some of their work before another school year starts. You will thank me when you are in the middle of the new school year.

ANY PAPERWORK YOU HAVE STACKED UP - Take some time to go through all the paper you have saved/neglected the past couple of months. Recently, I found a package you use to file your taxes manually in a stack of papers my spouse had. I have no idea why he still had this package because we filed our taxes months ago. Take all of your papers out in the backyard with a glass of wine and go through them. Either file or recycle them. You don’t want more paper to accumulate when September rolls around and more paper finds its way into your home.

YOUR PANTRY - During the summer months, you will eat differently naturally. There will also be different foods and snacks that come into your house. Donate any foods you might not be eating during the summer months, rather than have it clutter up your pantry until the colder months come. By then, you may or may not still be interested in those foods.

YOUR GARAGE - Same reasoning as your clothes, as you dig out your seasonal things, you will find things you don’t need, threw into the garage to deal with later, or is broken. Whenever you find something you no longer need, donate or throw it out right away. You don’t want to keep it for another season where you dump things into the garage and leave it there.

In addition to these items, I strongly suggest you also declutter any items you no longer need or like. Don’t declutter with the mentally of getting rid of things and depriving yourself. Rather think about the things you want to keep in your life. By keeping only the things that you love, you will find your home lighter but fuller.