Last year, I was very ambitious and wanted to make a cake for my daughter’s birthday. I tried but fairly quickly realized that I suck at baking and following instructions. The hack I came up with last year was buying a plain cake from my local bakery and decorating it myself. My daughter loved her “Peppa Pig jumping in muddy puddles with her family” cake last year. (She absolutely didn’t make it easy.)

FullSizeRender (3).jpg

Since my hack worked out so well last year, I thought I would do the same this year. My daughter kept changing her mind on what kind of cake she wanted and finally the week of settled on a “My Little Pony dancing with a rainbow” cake. (She really doesn’t make it easy.)

I tried to order the cake from a local grocery store but I really couldn’t find the look she wanted and I was really not fond of the super sugary cakes. I decided to order a plain white cake from my local bakery and asked them only to decorate it with rainbow sprinkles. The lady I ordered it from looked at me and said it will look plain. I told her it will be fine and I was planning on decorating it some more. She might have raised an eyebrow at me before writing out my order.

For the decor, I tried to keep it simple. A trip to Walmart to buy two My Little Ponies and a trip to Bulk Barn to buy a rainbow of some sort. This was a fail. I had to drive all over town to buy two small ponies (thank goodness she didn’t specify which ponies or I would have died.) Also, turns out the Bulk Barn I went to which was out of the way and a 20 minute drive did not have a rainbow to buy. They literally had nothing. Because I wasn’t about to leave empty handed, I thought I can DIY a rainbow with sour gummies.

Here is a super easy way to make an edible rainbow cake topper:

MATERIALS: Soft gummies, floral wire or some sort of wire

TOOLS: Scissors, shot glass or something round (this will make sense later)


1) Cut strips of wire. Try to cut more than you might need.

2) Put the gummies through the wire. (Easier said than done.)

3) Stack the wired gummies in the order you want and curve them using the shot glass or something else round.

4) Twist the ends of the wire together.

5) Cut the wire according to how high your cake is going to be. (I wouldn’t do this until you have the cake.)

Super easy DIY project right? It literally took me less than half an hour. Could have been faster but I was really tired and it was late at night. I think the cake turned out pretty good! My daughter was super excited and loved it!

Fellow mommas, if you need an edible rainbow cake topper ASAP, try this DIY!