In last week’s blog post, I discussed how expensive buying Christmas gifts can get and how you can save money. This blog post is kind of a continuation of that post of how you can create some great DIY activity kits for kids that won’t break the bank.

Activity kits make great presents for kids because you are giving them the tools to create and use their imagination. A lot of the store bought toys take away the creativity of kids because it shows them how to play with the toy. By giving them the tools, kids can play how they want.

I think these are easy DIY presents because you might be able to get everything in 1-2 stores or you can find items around the house to include in it. (Most of the items would be purchased in bulk, so you will be giving away the excess and not used items.) The only possible tricky thing to purchase is a good container to put everything in. You will want it to fit everything included in the activity kit, have a secure enclosure, and easy to open for little hands.

Here are some DIY activity kit ideas:

READING KIT - Basics you should include are: a variety of books for different purposes and reading skills. I think it is always a good idea to include some more advanced books for learning and some fun picture books for quiet time. To make the kit extra special, you can include: a tent/fort, materials to build a fort, and a flash light or glow sticks.

ART KIT - Basic: Paper, coloring books, markers, and craft supplies (eyes, feathers, popsicle sticks, etc.) Here is the blog post about the art kit that I made for my daughter. Extra special: An art easel.

COOKING KIT - Basic: Recipe cards, apron, cooking utensils, and play food. Extra special: cookie or muffin mix so the little cook can make something for real.

DRESS UP KIT - Basic: Dress up clothes, shoes, accessories, and hand held mirror. Extra special: a play wardrobe to hold all the dress up clothes or a full length mirror.

WORLD TRAVELER KIT - Basic: Maps, books about the world or a specific country, pretend passport in passport holder. Extra special: a trip or vacation!

If you would like to make an activity kit for a young child but these kits don’t really fit the bill, try to think about what sort of things this child is interested in and provide he/she all the tools they might need to have a fun time. Trust me, this will be a one of a kind present, they will adore!