For the past couple of months, I bypassed two (potentially three) major shopping events - Black Friday, Christmas, and Boxing Day. Years ago, I would flock to the mall on one or all of these days and buy close to an entire new wardrobe for the rest of the year. I was taught as a child to buy things on sale to stretch my dollar further. Obviously, it makes sense to buy my clothes on these days when the sales are the best.

As I got older, I was less likely to go to the mall on these days because of other reasons - crowds and horrible parking. I would still make my way to the mall but maybe days later after the crowds have died down. My purchases would have been great deals but I realized some of the items weren’t being worn immediately or at all and I had buyers remorse.

This year, I didn’t do any shopping on these days for a number of reasons: Still horrible crowds and horrible parking. Also, after learning about fast fashion last year, I knew I couldn’t be contribute to that anymore. I realized that a lot of the places I used to shop are considered fast fashion stores. The clothes were not only poorly made but the fashion would change really quickly. It seemed like there would be new clothes in the stores every week or every other week.

I found it easier to say no to shopping fast fashion for these reasons: 

  • I don’t have a need for new clothes all the time.

  • I can’t keep up with the trends and I really don’t need to. (I’m either at work or at an outdoor/indoor playground with my daughter.)

  • I don’t want to spend the money to keep up with new trends.

  • I don’t want to bring new things into my life, clutter up my home, and have to deal with it later (through donations.)

  • I don’t want to contribute to an industry that creates that much waste as a result of producing and disposing the new trends.

What I have learned to do:

  • Buy timeliness and classic fashion items that I know I will wear for years.

  • Buy quality items that last. Not going to buy pieces that fall apart after a couple of washings.

  • Buy only the items I love and know I will wear. If I struggle with this before purchase, I know I will never ever wear it. 

  • Buy only the clothes I know will work with my body type.

  • Create a streamlined wardrobe of items that fits my lifestyle, fashion style, and body.

Honestly, this change in shopping habits has really helped my bank account, my closet space, and my mental space. I didn’t have to worry about all the things coming in, remembering to wear everything, finding space for everything, and rotating clothes out to be donated. I now have greater clarity in the morning when I chose my clothes for the day. All these benefits, just by saying no to shopping fast fashion! Do you think you can say no to fast fashion too? Leave me a comment below and let me know what your thoughts are!

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