My “Sunday basket” started when I bought a beautiful turquoise in basket for my work office but decided it was too pretty to bring to work. I kept it at home and it became a dumping ground for all my papers. Once in a while I would go through it (when it started to overflow from the top) and see what things I needed to file, do something with (read a letter), or re-think at a later date. When I started to do it more frequently, I realized I could put more things in there because I knew it wouldn’t be long before I went into the basket again.

After I had my daughter, I realized I could really use this system to my benefit. During the day, I would put everything in the in-basket that required another look. After her bedtime, I would take everything out to really look at it. Taking out everything at the end of the day slowly became once a week on Sunday night. This really worked out for me because I would take a look at everything and plan my week accordingly.

Here are the things that can, will, and should go into your Sunday Basket:

LETTERS THAT NEED TO BE READ OR RE-READ LATER - Depending on the day you are having, you might not have the time or brainpower to read important letters (or letters that look important) at the time you grab them from the mailbox. To be honest, letters from my bank or insurance companies go straight in the basket and most of the time unopened. I know I dread reading these letters and best to read them when I am not distracted.

BILLS THAT NEED TO BE PAID - Because I know I will be looking at my Sunday basket again later in the week, I’m not worried I will miss paying a bill. It actually makes more sense for me to grab all the bills and pay them at once.

PAPERS THAT NEED TO BE FILED - Some documents I get in the mail or during the course of the week can be put in the basket until I have time to file them properly. Because these documents are not urgent, they might sit in the basket for several weeks before I decide to finally tackle them. These documents include mortgage statements, vaccination papers, random receipts, and business cards.

IDEAS OR DREAMS THAT NEED TO BE REVISITED - I come up with million dollar ideas all the time. When I do, I need to write them down right away on something. These little scraps of paper with scribbles on them go into the Sunday Basket and wait to be revisited. Some months, there are a lot of million dollars ideas in there.

THINGS THAT NEED TO BE FIXED - Not going to lie, some weeks, I have some random stuff in there. My daughter and spouse would put things in the basket that needs to be fixed or mended. I might find my daughter’s pretend heels that need to be fixed, stuffed animals that need to be mended, or necklaces were a jewel fell off. Life happens!

One main thing that shouldn’t go in the basket are papers that will just be recycled later. A coupon for a free taco at a place I will never drive too, just needs to go in recycling right away. It doesn’t need to wait a week. A coupon for an A&W rootbeer also shouldn’t go in the Sunday basket either, it goes in my wallet right away.

Let me know if you have a similar system or a different one that is working for you! As you know, I love efficiency tips!