I've been in my current home for over 10 years now. Honestly, I didn't initially buy it because I loved the house. I bought it because it is walking distance to my dad’s house. It was a huge fixer upper and we completed renovated it from top to bottom over the last ten yeas. I always love my home right after the renovations because it is so nice to see our hard work come to life.

As of late, I don’t love it as much as more. It might be because my style has changed or I have realized how long I’ve had some of my furniture. There is nothing wrong with my furniture as it is still in great condition but maybe I am just bored of staring at it? (Anyone else get bored of their furniture?!)

The easy solution would be to move but this really isn’t something I want to do because my dad’s house is walking distance to us, my daughter’s dayhome is also walking distance, and the school she will be going to in a couple of years is also walking distance. It is pretty hard to give up these conveniences. As such, since I won’t be listing my home for sale, the next solution would be to love it again. Totally my #loveitorlistit project.

Here is what I did to learn to love my house again:

FIGURE OUT WHAT I DON’T LOVE - I literally went from room to room to figure out what I didn’t like about each room and what I needed to do to fix it. Some things were easy like getting a new light fixture or bedspread. Others were not so easy like expanding my closet. Regardless, knowing what I don’t like and starting to think about how to fix it gave me a plan and a to-do list. I love having a plan and drafting to-do lists!

TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION ON SIMPLE FIXES - Once I’ve identified some things that could be done, I started to see which items are quick fixes. I took a week off work to tackle some of these items. My biggest project was painting our bedroom from a dark purple (I chose when I was pregnant, what was I thinking?) to a white. This was a complete nightmare to paint even with really expensive paint+primer paint but I felt 1000% better in my bedroom after. This same week, I also changed out some curtains, bought new lamps, and bought new side tables. Progress!

GET SOME INSPIRATION - I firmly believe there is always inspiration around us. We just need to keep our eyes open. When you are out, even at a restaurant, look around and see if there is something you like. Then see if you can incorporate it into your home. Of course, another great way to get inspiration is through pinterest or go to home and design shows in your area.

Last month, I went to the Calgary Fall Home Show with a couple of my girlfriends. Honestly, I used to love going to these shows and haven’t gone in the last couple of years because (wait for it) I thought there was nothing wrong with my house and I loved it.

When I got there, I was immediately inspired. I was able to see some rooms staged to a specific style, hear experts talk about home trends, and learn about new products. Let me tell you that Murphy beds have come a long way!

At this particular home show, I was able to listen to Amanda Forrest speak about upcoming fall home trends, browse the beautiful terrariums by Cory Christopher, and do an awesome DIY workshop with Pinnovate! (My finished masterpiece is now in my daughter’s room which she loves!!)

What do you do when you need to refresh your home or love it again? I’m going to need some tips too because my #loveitorlistit project is still ongoing!