Years ago, when my daughter was still a baby, I read an article that some 18 year old's enter university without basic living skills like cooking or doing laundry. I was appalled. At that moment, I told myself that I am going to start giving my daughter chores as soon as she is able to. (I know we all say things like this but I stuck with this one.)

I know everyone has different opinions about giving their children chores. I might even get judged and called lazy but my intentions are good. I am doing what I think is best for my daughter. I give her chores to: 

TEACH HER LIFE SKILLS - I don't feel I am being a good parent by doing everything for her. I want her to be able to go into the real world being able to do the most basic things for herself. She will become an adult (soon enough in 14 years) and she will need to act like one. Although I will likely be very willing to still do everything for her, I know I can't follow her around for the rest of her life. (Or can i?!)

TEACH HER TO BE RESPONSIBLE - When she turned three, I started teach her to take care of her own things. I told her that if she doesn't take care of her things, they will break and I will think she doesn't want them anymore. She understood this and takes care of her things by putting them away after she plays with them. 

TEACH HER SHE IS PART OF THE FAMILY - This lesson came when she kept asking my spouse and I to play with her when we were both busy doing some sort of chore on the weekend. I finally explained the chores that needed to be down to keep the household running and asked her if she would like to help. She doesn't enjoy doing chores but either do we, and now we are all doing chores in a grumpy manner. 

I did quite a bit of research before giving my daughter chores to do, because I didn't want to be unreasonable with my expectations! There were a lot of chore charts on Pinterest! 

So far, my daughter at 4 years old  and doing the chores listed below. I think they are very easy and other children her age should be able to do them too! 

1. Put away toys, books, and stuffed animals

2. Put dishes and cups in the sink after use. 

3. Put dirty clothes in hamper.

4. Move clothes into dryer from washer (with daddy's help) 

5. Match socks and sort clothes

6. Fold towels and blankets

7. Water plants

8. Wipe up spills

9. Prep or make food - washing rice and salad, put toppings on pizza, make PB+J sandwiches,

10. Putting items in garbage or recycling bin. 

What are your thoughts on chores? Do you get your children to do chores around the house? What age did they start? I would love to hear what other moms are doing!