As moms, we all have moments when we feel like we are not doing good enough for our families and our children. Sometimes, we might even feel like we are failing as moms. Then, out of nowhere, something happens or someone tells us something that becomes our proudest mom moment.

My proudest mom moment is when my daughter’s Chinese teacher told me she is so happy my daughter isn’t crying when she comes to school, plays well with others, and participating in class discussions. As if that wasn’t enough, she also told me she can tell how much work I put in to help my daughter.

Here is a round up of my fellow mama friends proudest mom moments!

Recently I’ve given myself a lot more grace in my role as a mom and reminded myself to celebrate the small stuff. My proudest mom moment has probably been the realization that as a single parent, I can still show my girls that their dreams can be a reality. I can wear my mom hat and my career hat and not feel guilty for pursing what’s in my heart. - Gabi @redpaperboutique

Most recently my oldest son got accepted into University into his first choice, Education, he also wants to be a teacher, imagine how my heart feels!?! We are so incredibly proud!  - Dina @moveplaymom

Like any mom, the development and growth of my kids. When they were babies, it was so amazing when they would discover their feet or say Mama for the first time. These days, if we can get out of the house fully clothed, with no boogers, well I’ve done my job! The fact that they are still alive amazes me haha! If they grow up to be decent human beings, that’s all that matters. - Rowena @shoppinkliberty

We just finished hockey and Ronin’s coach told me he was one of the best kids to coach.  He said his kind and positive attitude will take him far in life. The girls get picked on from time to time and Ronin will stand up for them and insist everyone is included for play.  Seeing this warmed my heart. - Brittny @photographyremember

Gosh, this is such a tough question. I’ve had so many moments I’ve been unbelievable proud of this kiddo we’re raising. I feel like every day our boy is growing, learning, maturing, and just becoming an absolute sweetheart we couldn’t be prouder of. - Rebecca @kasualkiddohandmade

I’ve had so many. I am truly so grateful for my sweet boy. While he is very high maintenance and “needy”, he is such a kind, thoughtful, caring boy. My most recent proud mommy moment comes from talking with his teacher. He had the most amazing insights to share with me about how my son interacts and behaves at school. I could tell my the way his teacher lit up when he talked about my son, that I am so very lucky to be his mommy. Marcy @marcyadunphy

This is too hard to answer...I have too many proud moments to pick just one.  I’m so proud of each one of my boys for being good, smart, supportive, considerate and kind young men. Heather @orangetrunk

My proudest mom moments are always the ones where I’m told how caring my girls are to others and also when they stand up for themselves. My goal as a mother is to raise good humans and when I hear or see them staying true to who they are, I know I’m doing something right. There are a lot of moments in every day when we question how good of a mother we are being because our kids push the boundaries or do things to get into trouble so when you can see them operating out in the world in a powerful loving way, it’s a reminder that you are doing more than okay and that they are hearing and seeing your example. Jill @jillethier

I struggled a lot as a new mom and after tidying up my home, it became clear that my life at that time did not spark joy. I am really proud of the fact that I was able to take the steps towards making the changes necessary to create a lifestyle that is in alignment with my values. To see my little guy picking up on those values and becoming more independent and capable everyday tells me I am on the right path. Helen @sparkjoywithhelen

Besides giving birth?!? I’d say making it through the newborn phase! Jokes aside, I would say that I feel most proud when I see my kids exude confidence in whatever task they have committed themselves to. My son went from crying on the ice when we first started to being one of the stronger skaters on his team, seeing that made me so proud as a mom! Sherry @Mod.totxx