If you been following me for a while, you must know I hate wasting time. Living in Calgary, Alberta, we have super weird weather (where we might get snow) and our summers are feeling shorter and shorter. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago, I realized I was wasting away my summers. There were projects I didn’t complete, places I didn’t go, and friends I never met up with. I created a summer bucket list to help with maximizing our summers but I getting together with friends was still a hard task. Most of my friends are also moms so coordinating is almost mission impossible. Then, I realized I was approaching this the wrong way - getting together doesn’t have to be planned in advance or have a really a good reason for it. We are all moms that just want to catch up with each other, vent to each other, and lean on each other.

Personally, I have helped my friend clean out his family home because they are moving out of the country. I wanted to hang out with him for a couple of hours before he leaves and we won’t be able to catch up all the time. I also helped my friend at her very first craft market because she wanted an extra pair of hands. I took it as an opportunity to support her and to catch up. I’ve also invited a friend over and chatted with her as I was folding my laundry. I’ve learned the activity doesn’t matter. What matters is the time spent together.

Here are some ideas on how to meet up with friends or have “mom dates”

  • Invite them over to you house just to hang out

  • Have a coffee date during nap time (at home)

  • Have a coffee date where there is a kids area (for the kids you bring with you)

  • Invite them over for lunch, even if it is just eating leftovers

  • Workout together

  • Try something new together

  • Have a walk together (with or without kids)

  • Help them with a task

  • Ask them to help you with a task

  • Attend an event together

  • Experience something new together

  • Run errands together

  • Go grocery shopping together (or better yet, go to Costco together!)

  • Invite them over for a potluck dinner (less cooking and more food for both families!)

  • Celebrate something together (not just huge milestones, celebrate the small wins too)

  • Cross off a bucket list item together

  • Get together with all the family members

  • Meal prep together

  • Have a batch cooking exchange

  • Volunteer together

The things you can do together are endless! Just don’t put too much pressure on the event itself and focus on the time spent. Below is a picture of a bunch of us volunteering for Made by Momma. Probably the most memorable 2.5 hours spent together!