Would you agree that weekends should be for fun and play with our kids and not for chores and errands? I agree 100%

As a working mom, my weekends are the most important days to spend with my daughter. These are the days we are not tied to a routine and can go out to explore and play. The absolute last thing that I would want to do on the weekends is to run errands. Sure, I can run errands with her but it is no fun for anyone and we both prefer to do fun things. Obviously, errands have to be run and I cannot put it all on my spouse. That wouldn’t be fair to him.

In addition to running errands when my daughter is already occupied, like at Chinese school, I have found the following great ways to run errands efficiently. I hope you too will find these tips helpful:


There are always things to buy, drop off, or return. I have found it best to keep a list and have all the items to drop off or return in a bin either in my house by my purse or in the back of my car if I know I will be doing a lot of driving that week. If I already have the items with me in the car, it is easy to find 5-10 minutes to drop them off or do a quick detour. This will save me from making a separate trip or plan out a whole afternoon to run errands. This also prevents me from going to a specific location to run an errand, only to find I left the item to return at home. Anyone with me on this?


If you have to make an errand trip, check your bin and plan out your trip in advance. Try to plan out your route to prevent driving back and forth, drive to ensure all the places you need to go to is on the way to each other, and drive on a route that goes against the flow of traffic. If everyone is leaving the downtown core during rush hour, it is a good time to head the opposite direction. If at all possible, plan your errands trips according to the quadrants of the city. Then you are not driving from one end of town to another.


Your most convenient time to run errands might not be the best day and time to run them because of traffic on the roads, the amount of people doing the same thing, and waiting times in lines. If you run your errands at off times, you will find the errands getting done faster. Think of it as getting in and out of stores. The faster you get the mundane tasks done, the most time you save to do fun things. For example, if you go to the bottle depot at the end of the day, there will be less people there as opposed to mid afternoon. Getting gas early in the morning will also prevent waiting in line. This task can literally be done anytime as the gas stations are open 24/7 and you pay at the pump.

How do you run your errands effectively? Any tips to share? I’m all about doing things faster to slow down to do things that really matter.

If you are interested in getting a jump start on maximizing your week, I have a free printable available in my resource library.

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