I have to confess - I used to be quite the shopper and it got a little out of control. There were certain things I would buy every year because it was a crazy tradition I created for myself, because I felt I needed certain things when I didn’t, and because I felt like I deserved it. These were horrible reasons to shop and I ended up wasting a lot of time, wasting money, and cluttering up my house.

After having my daughter, I knew I didn’t have a lot of time to waste, couldn’t waste unnecessary money on my 10th pair of limited edition converse shoes, and couldn’t bring in more stuff into the house. While I can’t change the new stores that keep popping up or the awesome sales they may have, I can make changes to my lifestyle. Here is what I did to stop wasting time and money on shopping:

GETTING STORE CREDIT CARDS - “Sign up for our store credit card and get an immediate discount! Save up your points and you can save money towards your purchase.” We have all been sucked into these so called discounts only to find ourselves shopping more or ruining our credit. Luckily for me, I never did ruin my credit. What I did do was go through all my credit cards and store credit cards and cancelled 12 of them in one day. Doing this prevented me from wanting to shop because there is an end goal of getting 15% off a purchase. Lame.

SUBSCRIBING TO STORE EMAILS -Every time I purchase something, the sales associate would ask if I would like to sign up for their email for discounts. It used to be a “hell yes” for me but now I politely say: “no thank you, I don’t need the encouragement.” Honestly, if I need something badly, I will probably buy it when I need it or seek out a sale then. Most likely, there will be some sort of sale going on.

LOOKING AT WEEKLY FLYERS - Another shameful confession: I used to know exactly when store flyers would come out. I would be so obsessed with reading all of them that I would go to a work meeting late because I was too busy reading flyers. I stopped this shameful habit a couple of years ago for two reasons: 1) People at work were on to me about why I am always late for Thursday morning meetings. 2) Not knowing what new products are out there and what’s on sale saves me a ton of money and time. I no longer want to buy things that I didn’t know I needed or knew existed. I also, didn’t have to take the time out of my day to go buy these things I didn’t need or knew about!

TREATING WALKING IN THE MALL AS “EXERCISE” - Sure I got a couple of steps in but honestly walking the mall was more about shopping. Doing my walking exercise outside costs me nothing!

FOLLOWING INFLUENCERS ON SOCIAL MEDIA - I’m totally ok with following influencers if you like them. But if you are following certain people to see what they are wearing and buying, and then buying them too, I suggest unfollowing them. See what other people have or buying is another huge time and money waster. You can still see what these influencers are doing through searching them. Doing it this way, there will be less enticement!

Less research, less enticements, and less shopping lead me to having more time to do things that really matter to me. I still shop but only what | need and when I need it.