If you live in Calgary, Alberta or know of this place, you will know that we have very long winters, more than usual rainy days now, and a few warm and sunny days. We are also famous for having a random snow storm in the middle of July. These are all reasons why I feel the need to maximize our summers here.

It is so easy to just chill every day at home or in the backyard. A couple of summers ago, I found myself kicking myself at the end of August for not doing everything I wanted to do as a family. As a result, I created a summer bucket list for our family to fill out. This allows everyone to provide input into what we want to do as a family during the summer. This list can include serious things like register for specific classes to fun things like going to the beach to build a sand castle. We always try to include some local libraries that is new to us too.

If you are feeling super motivated to achieve some personal goals, I also created a summer goals template in a different color. So you will know which is yours and your family! Good luck and have a great summer!

Summer bucket list.png
summer goals.png