I believe in collaboration over competition and sharing over keeping great things to myself. If you have a great product, service, information that would benefit others, let’s work together.


Who you will be working with

I’m Monica, a professional working a full time job in downtown Calgary, Alberta. At work, I ask specific questions to gain knowledge. I also talk to various groups of people daily with different backgrounds. These skills translate into understanding my audience and being able to communicate effectively in different ways to tell a story. I have been telling stories through blogging since 2009. My original blog was a wedding blog on “Blogger.”

I was also a business owner of two separate service based businesses in the wedding industry for 10 years. I understand the ins and outs of a business, and the importance of branding and marketing. If I commit to collaborating on a product or service, you can be assured I will promote as if it is my own business.

What you can expect working with me

You can expect responses in a timely manner, requirements fulfilled as outlined, pictures showcasing your products, and professionally written blog posts that feature your product without overselling.

Acknowledgements and Press

In addition to being interviewed by a local radio station for four years straight as an expert in my previous industry, I have also been featured in local and North American publications for my work, expertise, and charitable work. I have been featured in Avenue Magazine, Global News, Notable, Bride Canada, Get Married Magazine, and Calgary Bride.

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Current offerings include: sponsored posts, sponsored giveaways, featured guest posts, guest blogging, and product reviews.  

Previous collaboration posts include: JORD Watches, Loan and Go, Burwood Distillery, and Meriance Collagene.

My target audience is primarily new moms or working moms, all of which have an interest in creating an efficient and pretty home. If you think I am a good fit to promote your product or service, please reach out to me via email (monica@wishahmon.com) or the form below to start a conversation. I look forward to hearing from you and working together.

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